The quality is a decisive competitive advantage in marketing strategy and consolidation of the credibility of the company.

The Certification of Quality Management System ensures the company's ability to structure and manage their resources and their production processes so as to recognize and meet the needs of customers; to have the methodical control on operating costs, improve business performance, achieve improved efficiency and effectiveness of the company and benefits for all stakeholders.

Sicurcert itself as subject able to focus and refine, all’interno dell’azienda, tools, technologies and activities, valutandole individually, under the aspect of the organization and efficiency of existing.

The Certification of Quality Systems is an issue for a company that puts up with the times and must show with objective guarantees the quality of the product / service offered.

SicurCert itself as a subject capable of contributing, within companies, the improvement of management, by controlling the operation of global processes, from which to derive efficiency and effectiveness of the organization and benefits to all stakeholders.

SicurCert has all the skills to provide a qualified and complete certification, addressed to both the small and medium-sized company and is structured in technical areas; This allows the body to provide businesses with the highest specialization, together with knowledge of their real needs.

SicurCert is present in all the different services, such as logistics and transport, the waste sector, health, Education, tourist services, professional offices, etc.


What motivates a company to be certified can be domestic and external.

Compared to the internal motivation, the benefits that good quality can bring a company to translate:

  • to reduce costs;
  • continuous improvement of processes and products.

Compared to external requests, companies embark on the path of quality inputs driven by more or less binding on the part of public and private clients.

Several industry groups have long require their suppliers to adopt a quality system that provides more guarantees on the results of the supply.

And 'especially in the public sector and funding, that in recent years, are required, in the tender, requirements to certify the Quality Assurance.