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About Us


Sicurcert born in 2003 as a trade association ARIAL, registered with the Chamber of Commerce. Palermo,acting as a principle to help small and medium-sized businesses in continuous improvement and adapting to the constant challenge of the market.

Nell'agosto of 2009 ARIAL. activity gives the brand the company to be established SicurCert – Certification Body – srl, at a depth of 10%.

SICURCERT operates in compliance with voluntary standards of reference recognized and accepted nationally and internationally, norms set by national and international agencies, and in particular in accordance with the European standard EN ISO / IEC 17021 November 2006 – “Conformity Assessment – Requirements for bodies providing audit and certification of management systems” as well as, the requirements in the documents by ACCREDIA “RG-01 REV. 01″, “RT-04 REV 04″, “RT-05 REV. 07″ and anything else required in the document “LS-02 List of standards and reference documents for the accreditation of Certification Bodies”.

One of the principles of impartiality is pursued by SICURCERT for it to be perceived as such by a certification that conveys confidence.

SICURCERT to safeguard the impartiality has provided for the creation of a “Committee for the Protection of the impartiality” which is an independent body whose role is to assist the body in the development of policies relating to the impartiality of its certification activities.

SICURCERT to obtain and maintain trust, based its policy on the following points:

  • Impartiality:decisions based on objective evidence of compliance (or non-compliance) not influenced by other interests or by other parties;
  • Skills: use of competent staff supported by the management system SICURCERT;
  • Responsibility: responsibly assess the institution of sufficient objective evidence, on which to base the decision on the certification;
  • Transparency: the institution provides public access on its audit processes and certification, on the certification status of all organizations, in order to increase confidence.
  • Discretion: The agency ensures the confidentiality of customer proprietary information be treated in accordance with relevant laws.
  • Rapid and effective response to complaints: the body through approppriate procedures ensures a rapid response to complaints and defficace Organizations.

SICURCERT policy is evaluated and possibly revised at least annually by management during the review of its management system.

SICURCERT not offer or provide consultancy services relating to management systems.